My Grandpappy inspired me more than anyone.

I named my blog Pappy’s Shanty after my grandfather’s workshop, a little wood and tin “shanty” he built behind his carport. My grandpappy’s shanty was a kid’s paradise, complete with dirt floor, wood stove, a secret (wink wink) cupboard for bourbon whiskey, and rows and rows and rows of tools, all hung neatly on pegboard.
My Pappy could build anything.Pappy tinkered in his shanty every day and his organization impressed me.  He was able to locate any one of his hundreds of hand tools. To this day I love to organize and make sense of chaos. I don’t mean to brag, but I consider myself sort of a queen of pegboard.
While Pappy tinkered with wood and metal, I tinker with words and ideas (and paper and found objects and pegboard…).  This blog is a collage of my interests but also a space, I hope, to build some conversations.
Thanks for stopping by!

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