Ye Olde Farmhouse Networke

I chose this month’s DIY project because it has netted the most re-pins on Pinterest (25 people can’t be wrong).

Gone are the days when you only had to keep track of your cell phone charger.  That little drawer next to the stove that used to be perfect for stashing a couple of chargers was overwhelmed long ago when you added iPods, e-readers, and tablets to your arsenal.  I’m guessing your house is no different than mine in that the kitchen is now also charging central.  My little kitchen was quickly overwhelmed when we added a wireless router to the mix.  Thus, FarmNet was born.

I bought a bathroom cabinet that had glass doors and mounted it over the phone jack (I could not get the jack off the wall (!!!) and so I cut a hole in the back of the cabinet and mounted it over the jack; this became the perfect home for my ancient analog phone).  The wireless router with its attractive green cable sits next to the phone.  I drilled a grommet hole in the bottom of the cabinet and snaked a power outlet cord through it to the electrical socket and secured the outlet strip with hook and loop tape .  I added a half dozen cup hooks to the bottom side of the shelf and hung the various chargers.

farmnet exposed

Since this photo was taken we’ve added at least another 6 cup hooks and chargers. When will this madness stop?

I think the project probably cost around $85 – $95 for the materials (cabinet, outlet strip, grommet cover, cup hooks, and short black phone cord).  It took about an hour to get everything installed.

farmhouse network

Ta-Da!! During the winter holidays I hang a little red berry wreath from the cabinet knob. Festive.



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